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So now you have been looking around and you wonder how to get one of these instruments, right ? There is two possibilities. The first is  just to order by email ( see contact), the other is to visit me in my show room in Berlin. ( give me a call before coming, sometimes I am not there )



Generally it is no problem shipping each of my instruments to any place you like. I have customers in Australia, New Zealand, USA, Mexico, India, Spain, France, Sweden, Italy...


The instruments are safeley packed and won`t get damaged on the way. The shipping time depends on the country you live in. It takes between 3-28 days.


From the moment you order one of my instruments it takes about 1-3 weeks till it is ready for shipping.


The shipping costs are differnt from country to country and also depend on the size of the instrument.


Before I start building your instrument I need 10% deposit of the total amount. When the instrument is ready for shipping you have to send me the rest of the amount and then I`ll bring it to the parcel service.


You can either make an international bank transaction or send me the money through paypal. Unfortunateley I cannot accept credit cards.




12157 Berlin

phone 0170 4668770




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