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What we call a monochord today was originally an instrument with one string, which was used at the time of Pythagoras as a measuring instrument. It was discovered  that shortening the freely vibrating string using integral subdivisions ( a half, a third, a quarter etc.) produced a harmonic sequence of notes which corresponds to the natural overtone scale: octave, fifth, fourth, third…

This discovery was applied to other fields such as architecture. So for example the dimensions of a door commonly built today are 2m x 1m, which corresponds to the interval of an octave.

The Meerklang monochords are strung with 30 to 36 strings which are all tuned to the same note, with the 2 outer strings a little thicker so that they produce a note an octave lower.

This means that the instrument not only has rich overtones and sounds from higher spheres, but also a beautiful warm bass.  In order to strengthen this effect we can add a third bass string in the middle.

So the monochord by comparison with the kotamo is limited to only one single tone, but on account of the many strings it opens up the whole overtone spectrum in the same fascinating way. You cannot however play a melody on it, like on the koto.

The playing technique is extremely simple  and so the monochord is suited to anyone who wants to play with sounds in a meditative way.


The standard monochord is available in 6 different sizes



Measurements and types:


Lenght* Width Height Tuning Number of strings
106 24 10 D 30
126 24 10 C 30
155 24 10 A 30
106 30 10 D 36
126 30 10 C 36
155 30 10 A 36

* in cm


If you wish we can make the instrument to other measurements.

It is also possible to order a monochord with an outwardly curved belly, which creates a fuller sound.



tune* degree of difficulty** strings woods***
1x in a week 1 Monochord strings front:spruce
      back: spruce
      rib :alder or cherry

*6 month after putting strings for the first time

**1= very, very easy 6= very difficult

***standard type of woods



Field of application:

music therapy, sound meditation, overtone singing, improvisation, sound therapy, psycho therapy, sound healing, trance work, sound travelling, phonation


Included in delivery:


tuning key, pair of feet ( high or small), extra strings, plektrum, tuning suggestions


Extras ( not included):


bag, tuning machine, round foot for upright playing




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monochord 126 high feet monochord sound hole
mono web.JPG mono klein v.o web.JPG
monochord 126 cm small feet monochord 106

Monochord Video