Mick from the Netherlands  16.12 2014


Oh my goodness.

I have been playing your monochord for 30-40 min. without pausing, as a musical meditation, even lying with my head straight beneath the chambers, and there is so many layers, such a tapestry, of beautiful sounds coming out and through this instrument - much more than can be conveyed in even a high-quality recording. The overtones are so exquisite, so enchanting, so purifying on the level of body-mind-and-''soul'', so relaxing. It seems these waves of sound keep renewing itself, cycling, like the tides at the beach, and thus it never becomes 'boring', or really ''known'', in the sense of ''too familiar''. What a powerful, healing yet subtle and gentle instrument this is. 

Economically speaking, it 'took' me 120 hours of cleaning bathrooms and toilets, but already I am sure that was definitely more than worth the effort. And more in terms of human exchange, it took you practice, dedication, enthusiasm, intelligence, perseverance etc., to be able to make such a musical work of art - money is just the exchange. I am very happy with the instrument - already it's genuinely enriching my life/consciousness/environment. I will take very good care of it, and share it's unique sound with friends and family, and will tell them about your website and work as well.

Soon I shall begin practicing the Japanese Koto, with the help of the lehrvideo's. The kota is amazing in it's own right - so bright, so crystal clear, echoing so 'completely' and comfortably in the ear, in the air. 




Jarek from Techecheslowakia 1.12 2014


Thank you for this wonderful instrument and your CD:-). Instrument sounds wonderful. Monochord goes to the therapy for children.



Dale from California 15.9 2014


Hi Götz,

I got the kotamo from the Post Office this morning, and just finished unpacking it.  It was very well packed, and arrived in perfect condition.

The instrument is beautiful, and I can't wait to begin playing it!  I have not really played the koto very much, but I have played a Chinese guzheng, which I believe is similar.

I also very much appreciate the two CDs of your music, and am looking forward to listening to those as well.

Thanks again for your great communication and for making and sending me such a wonderful instrument.  It is truly a blessing!  If ever you need a testimonial for your business, please don't hesitate to ask!


Timoti from new Zealand 16.11 2014


Dear Gotz,

What amazing timing, I have just received your parcel. Thank you for the CDs you so kindly packaged, I will share them and enjoy them. And such a beautifully crafted instrument, deep thanks.

I wondered, can you please send me some instructions in English and I also wondered if you had a video or pictorial instructions for setting it up?

Thank you, 


Luc from Belgium  9.9 2012


Hallo Götz,

 the Kotamo has arrived! Thanks , it looks and sounds great ! I haven’t been able to actually play it, just a quick test, but first impression is very positive .

Thanks a lot!!

I will be working with the instrument today, i hope to use it from tomorrow on my daily concerts. If all is well, i will make a video tonight.

Thanks and many greetings,